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By Stephan Feuchtwang

This publication was once first released in 1974 and have become a mystery vintage at the back of the unfold of fengshui within the Western global. Its writer, Stephan Feuchtwang, has now revised it and extra a brand new bankruptcy for this new version, bringing the fabric brand new. it's a exact remedy of fengshui as perceived and understood in chinese language manuals and in chinese language perform, yet written for a Western readership. Feuchtwang additionally exhibits the way it is said to panorama portray in addition to to chinese language renowned faith and ancestor worship. He provides his personal realizing of fengshui as a cultured perform that also is a type of divination, in keeping with a version of the Universe. Readers who're interested by feng shui and wish to understand approximately chinese language cosmology, or who're attracted to the anthropology of divination and cosmology, could be richly rewarded by means of this booklet.

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19 1- 193 for f ur ther discussion of T' icn and fen9- shui . 2 . As used by Sun Wu , see not e I . p. 10 37 THE CENTE R Of THE UNIVERSE AND THE TWO COSMIC FORCES respondences that grew up in the Han times. a. "under heaven") surrounded the pala ce of the Emperor. They corresponded al so with the Four Seasons ... and the Four Cardina l Point s corresponded with the seasona l so lstices and equi noxes. Pres iding over them were the ... Four Supernatura l Beings , Tortoise . Dragon, Phoenix and Tiger ...

2. See 34 CHINESE GEOMANCV Chou Tun l's n; a~ram of the l'ai Chi (Great Abso l ute) Al l five parts of this diagram are various aspects, or cross-sections, of one and the same ci r cular Great Abso lute or Supreme Po le. unbroken lines the Tao of Ch ' len YANG VIN motion repose perfec t ing perfecting the Tao broken maleness femaleness of ~u~ lines The myriad things in tran s formati on and generation TIiE CENTER OF' THE UNIVERSE AND THE TWO COSMIC FDRCES 35 (1) That which has no Pole! Vet (itself) is the Supreme Pole (T'di cki)!

Blank , Olr. 6tem c haItLIcteJr. air. This rinq contains 48 of the fiO divisions of 22 CHINESE GEOMANCY Ring 13 as well as the" secret essence" of Ring 9, and the "essential Principle" of the To'ui Kual1 , 11 companion to the Lo ehing Chieh which corre l ates constellations with the 24 points of the compass and der i ves prognostications from them. The rin g is arranqed so as to qive S di visions to each of the 24 po ints and is also. of course . linked up with the five elements. It is spec ifically for evaluating the site itself .

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