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At 6:00 By ship. , helicopters from rescue units in Alaska were 9: hoist-lifting survivors from the lifeboats and ferrying them to rescue vessels. Within 75 minutes of the volcanic explosion at Mount St. Helens, Washington, Air Force Reserve rescue helicopters were on their way to remove survivors from the mountain, with a total of 101 lives saved. A small plane crashes in the wilderness. rescuemen reach the crash site Within two hours, and give medical aid para- to the two survivors. A sailor badly burned on a Russian ship in the Atlantic, 700 is miles from the nearest land.

All around the plane were steel-blue sky walls of dense thunder- storms and strong winds. The aerial reconnaissance weather oflBcer found the velocity of surface winds was 80 to 90 miles per hour, 57 • T*^ m 'J Dropsonde operator loads a drop-chamber capsule with a radiosonde mitter aboard a WC-J30 aircraft. well in excess of hurricane The eye, trans- wind speeds beyond 73 miles per hour. navigator sought a soft spot in the '\vair' surrounding the and found a narrow opening between towering thunderstorms.

If deemed who airlift is necessar}^ the Joint Chiefs of Staff then tasks the Military Command. Airlift Natural disasters, of course, do not happen only in foreign countries. Within the United States, MAC emergency equipment, and supplies split in the MAC A after a massive the earth and sent buildings tumbling in Alaska. supplies were airdropped to 50,000 snow delivered relief personnel, earthquake Food and Navajo Indians stranded by mountains of northwest Arizona. airlifted MAC C-130 almost four hundred tons of sandbags to Min- departing after bringing grain to Africa during a period of famine.

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