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Quelle constitution familiale avez-vous connue ? J'avais répondu : aucune. Gardez-vous une photo strong point de votre père et de votre mère ? J'avais répondu : nébuleuse. Vous jugez-vous comme un bon fils (ou fille) ? Je n'ai jamais été un fils. Dans les études que vous avez entreprises, cherchez-vous à conserver l'estime de vos mom and dad et à vous conformer à votre milieu social ? Pas d'études. Pas de mom and dad. Pas de milieu social. Préférez-vous faire l. a. révolution ou contempler un beau paysage ? Contempler un beau paysage. Que préférez-vous ? los angeles profondeur du tourment ou l. a. légèreté du bonheur ? l. a. légèreté du bonheur. Voulez-vous changer l. a. vie ou bien retrouver une harmonie perdue ? Retrouver une harmonie perdue.

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But not only did Dante explicitly assert this; he also furnished the keys for finding out non-literal senses. Nevertheless, these interpreters, whom we shall call Followers of the Veil (Adepti del Velame), identify in Dante a secret language or jargon on the basis of which every reference to erotic matters and to real people is to be interpreted as a coded invective against the Church. Here one might reasonably ask why Dante should have gone to such trouble to conceal his Ghibelline passions, given that he did nothing but issue explicit invective against the papal seat.

Jung has explained how it is that once any divine image has become too familiar to us and has lost its mystery, we then need to turn to images of other civilizations, because only exotic symbols are capable of maintaining an aura of sacredness. For the second century, this secret knowledge would thus have been in the hands either of the Druids, the Celtic priests, or wise men from the East, who spoke incomprehensible tongues. Classical rationalism identified barbarians with those who could not even speak properly (that is actually the etymology of barbaros - one who stutters).

5 By a word of different pronunciation: sanum for sane. 6 By similarity of name: Arista for Aristotle. 7 By type and species: leopard for animal. 8 By pagan symbol: eagle for Jupiter. 9 By peoples: the Parthians for arrows, the Scythians for horses, the Phoenicians for the alphabet. 10 By signs of the Zodiac: the sign for the constellation. 11 By the relationship between organ and function. 12 By a common characteristic: the crow for Ethiopians. 13 By hieroglyphics: the ant for Providence. 1 As can be seen, sometimes the two things are similar for their behaviour, sometimes for their shape, sometimes for the fact 1 Cosma Rosselli, Thesaurus artificiosae memoriae (Venice, 1589).

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