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He lifted her leg over his hip, burrowing the tip of his erection against her. “I can’t be gentle,” he murmured. ” Waited years? What did he mean by— The thought was abruptly cut off by the sudden, swift presence of him shoving inside her. Even though she was wetter, readier, than she’d ever been, the sheer size of him caught her off guard. Stretching tight slick flesh, pressing deep, and just when she thought she couldn’t take any more he drove in another inch. Her mouth opened wide on a silent scream of pleasured pain, her startled gasps swallowed by his mouth as he pumped inside her with his cock and his tongue.

Her breath caught, eyes closing as he nuzzled her labia apart. Her fingers wrapped around his where they gripped the headboard, a soft moan pushing through her lips as his tongue made a soft foray. Flicking and swirling, he teased and taunted her clit with soft brushing strokes, then abandoned it to trace the drenched seam of her lips, pushing his way into her hot core in a soft tongue fuck. Her hips rocked to meet the soft thrusts, her sounds of pleasure giving way to frustration as he kept his strokes light, brushing, never settling into a firm rhythm that would drive her to orgasm.

Once again she fought the urge to smack Sabrina, the bridesmaid whose stupid idea this game had been in the first place. Why would anyone in her right mind think it was a good idea for a soon-to-be-wed bride and groom to reveal the details of their past sexual encounters? In front of a crowd, no less. Yet both the bride, Elizabeth, and the groom, Michael, had jumped in with gusto, eagerly regaling their friends with stories of backseat groping and awkward penetration. Kit had been hoping to skip her turn, purposely removing herself from the giant sectional that dominated the living room of the Mexican villa to take up a post by one of the windows overlooking the beach.

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