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By K. B. Beaton

A tremendous hassle confronted by means of English audio system studying German is that of discovering precisely the correct German observe to translate an English be aware in a selected context. This dictionary makes a speciality of these phrases which reason specific problems for audio system of English, supplying longer articles than these present in conventional bilingual dictionaries.

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Alle Familienmitglieder waren mit dem Umbau der Wohnung einverstanden. Sie ist damit einverstanden, daß die Buchhandlung ihr die noch fehlenden Bücher nachschickt. Sie erklärte sich damit einverstanden, alle Kosten zu übernehmen. Der Graf erklärte sich damit einverstanden, daß Fontane Ereignisse und Gestalten aus der Geschichte der gräflichen Familie in seinen Werken behandelte. v. The main expression conveying the idea that someone, when asked, agrees to do something is sich bereit erklären zu.

Ii. Nun doch implies that the person concerned has already said that something will not happen. Der Spieler Y, der vorige Woche verletzt wurde, wird am kommenden Samstag nun doch spielen implies that he had said he would not be playing but will now be playing after all. iii. Also doch is similar but presupposes the verification, by what is heard or observed, of a surmise which has been disputed. It expresses surprise because the rejection of the surmise has been accepted. Alsodoch! can be used as an exclamation, meaning that what was once believed but then was disputed or denied is right after all.

Boote aller/jeder Art. After ohne, E. requires any. Ohne jeden/allen Grund or ohne jede/alle Provokation. Every is more frequently used than the G. equivalents, so that E. expressions containing it may need to be translated as the idea they express. 5. Each emphasizes that every individual person or thing in a group is referred to. She gave me five wads of fifty notes each. This sense is expressed by je. Sie gab mir fünf Bündel von je fünfzig Scheinen. Die Teilnehmer zahlten je zehn Mark. An alternative is Jeder Teilnehmer or Jeder der Teilnehmer zahlte zehn Mark.

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