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75 mul scalefont set font (The Pilgrim's ·Progress, John Bunyan) show showpage The program starts by assigning variables for the point size, left margin, line length, and start position. Next come the sub-procedures: 2. USING TEXT 25 pad removes the last character from the line (a space) before fmding the distance in points by which it falls short of the given line length. This distance is divided by the number of spaces. The relevant number of points is then added to each occurrence of space in the line by using widthsbow.

Factor for chart % remove top mark % draw chart % remove mark mark % start of values on stack 17085 (Asia) 3825 (Europe) 11685 (Africa) 9420 (North America) 6870 (South America) 3295 (Australia and Oceania) 5100 (Antarctica) (Comparative Land Areas \(x 1000 sq. \)) stackbar showpage 3. USING GRAPIDCS 45 The program starts by taking the chart title off the stack. Then a number of variables are defmed: chart width, x position of the left side of the chart, baseline and total of all the numeric values.

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