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By Sam Lindley, Conor McBride, Phil Trinder, Don Sannella

This quantity is released in Honor of Philip Wadler at the celebration of his sixtieth birthday, and the gathering of papers shape a Festschrift for him. The contributions are made through a number of the many that comprehend Phil and feature been stimulated by way of him. The study papers integrated right here signify many of the parts within which Phil has been lively, and the editors thank their colleagues for agreeing to give a contribution to this Festschrift. we try to summarize Phil Wadler's clinical achievements. furthermore, we describe the private variety and exuberance that Phil has delivered to the subject.

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Voigtl¨ ander, J. ) MPC 2015. LNCS, vol. 9129, pp. 187–214. : Coalgebraic aspects of bidirectional computation. In: BX 2015, CEUR-WS, vol. 1396, pp. : Entangled state monads. : LGtk API correction. : Combinators for bidirectional tree transformations: a linguistic approach to the view-update problem. : Three complementary approaches to bidirectional programming. In: Gibbons, J. ) Generic and Indexed Programming. LNCS, vol. 7470, pp. 1–46. : Symmetric lenses. In: POPL, pp. 371–384. : Spans of lenses.

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If sp :: [A also well-behaved. S B ]M is well-behaved, then span2smlens sp is ♦ Proof. Let sl = span2smlens sp. We need to show that the laws (PutRLM) and (PutLRM) hold. We show (PutRLM), and (PutLRM) is symmetric. mput R (a, mc); return (a, mc )} There are two cases, depending on whether the initial state mc is Nothing or Just c for some c. mget s , Just s ); 22 F. Abou-Saleh et al. 12. If sl :: SMLens Id C A B is well-behaved, then smlens2span sl is also well-behaved, with state space S consisting of the consistent triples of sl .

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