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By J.Harold Ellens

This quantity is tightly filled with marvelous insights one easily doesn't generally listen from the pulpit yet but are so evidently implied within the biblical narratives of Christmas and Easter. Dr. Ellens has a distinct method of cracking open widespread biblical sentences and tales and spilling out a completely clean cornucopia of life-changing insights in regards to the radical nature of the excellent news approximately God's grace. rules and metaphors from the Bible that we've got heard or learn so usually that they've turn into regimen and cliche all at once flower with fresh new meanings and intimations. Dr. Ellens' rigorously and cogently expressed biblical interpretation and sermon oratory incarnate God's fact and convey to vigorous new power a brilliant adventure of the God because the driver of Divine Spirit in our own lives and in background. Preaching has seldom been this attractive, robust, and spiritually empowering in many years. This hot hearted publication is a transparent and clarion demand one significant subject: God's radical, uncalculating, unconditional, and common forgiving grace. Claims for God's redemptive presence and purpose for our global that pulpiteers have usually feared, shunned, or didn't see within the middle of the gospel are right here set forth with unapologetic boldness. Dr. Ellens' trumpet isn't really muted at any element. evidently this hearty soul has a fondness for souls, a stimulating brain, and an educated pastoral allure for life-changing encounters with the biblical tale of the insinuation of God's self into human and heritage lifestyles at Christmas, Easter, and all of the remainder of the time

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So Matthew has this ulterior motive. He wishes to write the Gospel to persuade Jewish people to become believers in Jesus as the Messiah who was promised by their own Bible. " Jesus is the promised Messiah. Jesus is the one bringing God’s blessing promised by the prophets. Jesus came to establish the reign of divine Shalom. " That is Matthew's point. In Jesus is God’s comprehensive peace and prosperity – Shalom. So Matthew’s Gospel is written to convey the fact that in Christ we have God’s statement of intent to fill our lives with peace and prosperity in body, mind, and spirit.

Besides that, you could say that my reason for being here tonight to talk to you is really because I was sent to give you a special message. God thought that if I could get across to you the reason I am depressed, it would make you very glad and give you much more of the true joy of Christmas. I know it sounds peculiar that my depression should give you more joy, but let me tell you my story, and the story about angels in general. You may remember that report about the angels in the Hebrew Bible.

And the amazing thing about it all, from an angels point of view, is that even so you cannot lose. God goes to any lengths to visit you and reassure you that God will always love you unconditionally and never let you fall out of God’s net of grace or squirm from God’s long embrace. You are free to be yourselves, and underneath are the everlasting arms ready to catch you if you fall. That is the thing that stunned Moses' Cherubim. That is the thing I could never figure out until that first Christmas.

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