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By David Dalglish

“Veldaren aches for a purge, and that i may be the one to bring it. Cry out at me if you want, however it will switch not anything. The gold is spent, the orders are given. permit the blood flow.”

It’s been 5 years given that Haern faked his loss of life to flee the tyranny of his father. He has develop into the Watcher, a vicious killer who is aware no limits, and whose hatred of the thief guilds is unequalled. but if the son of Alyssa Gemcroft, one of many 3 leaders of the robust Trifect, is assumed murdered, the slaughter starts anew. Mercenaries flood the streets, with one target in brain: locate and kill the Watcher.

Peace or destruction; each battle should have its finish.

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His father’s royal cloak, originally violet, was so dark as to be almost black. As much shadowstuff as flesh, Telamont seemed to float rather than stand. The outline of his body blurred with the darkness in the room. Shadows swirled constantly around him, longer and thicker than those that circled Rivalen. The shadowstuff had not yet so consumed Rivalen. But it would. ” The most high’s praise was hard won. Rivalen enjoyed the moment. Telamont moved past Rivalen to the darkwood desk and removed the crystal stopper from a bottle of nightwine.

He wondered what the Source’s thoughts must have been. He shook his head and remembered a day, thousands of years earlier, when he had walked the streets of Sakkors, when he had taken counsel with Xolund himself. Sakkors had not been as grand as Shade Enclave, but it had been a beautiful city nevertheless. And it would be again. Rivalen thanked Shar for sparing Shade Enclave the fate of Sakkors. He promised her that he would resurrect the sunken city. He would bring it up from the bottom and back into the air, just as Shade Enclave had emerged from the shadows to fly again in Faerûn’s sky.

Rivalen enjoyed the moment. Telamont moved past Rivalen to the darkwood desk and removed the crystal stopper from a bottle of nightwine. He poured two glasses and gave one to Rivalen. Rivalen held it but did not drink; he never did. ” his father asked. Rivalen swirled the nightwine, inhaled its piquant aroma. “Structurally it is undamaged. And its magic appears intact, if somewhat weakened. But the sentience within is … unconscious. ” The most high sipped his drink and frowned. “The sentience in the mythallar would be a formidable weapon to add to our arsenal.

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