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The game Ask players to draw a paper slip from the bag. The person who draws the question can answer first and then invite others to share their thoughts and get a conversation going. going deeper > How does it feel to be put on the spot? > What strategies can you use to defuse the discomfort? > Did you find points in common with members of your group? > How does that change the way you feel about the group? > What are respectful ways to disagree with people who offer opinions you don’t share? , stainless pan and spoon or whistle) > Conversation-starter questions (for ideas, see “It’s All in the Questions” on page 216) the game Ask participants to mingle and form as quickly as possible into groups equal in size to the number of times you hit the pan or blow the whistle.

Reprinted with permission from Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages, by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor. org. All rights reserved. 63 s ta g e 2 : b u i l d i n g r e l at i o n s h i p s DIVERSITY ABCs time 15 minutes supplies > Index cards, each labeled with one letter of the alphabet > Pencil (one per player) the game Give everyone one index card with a letter on it that they will “be” for the duration of the game. Instruct everyone to mingle, forming words with other “letters” of the alphabet.

In what ways can you work to build others’ self-esteem? asset categories Social Competencies, Empowerment, Positive Identity LICENSE PLATES time 15–20 minutes supplies > Colored paper > Markers the game Give participants colored paper and markers. Ask them to create a personalized license plate or bumper sticker that reflects 38 s ta g e 1 : s ta r t i n g o f f r i g h t their personality and interests. Ask players to share their creations. Encourage them to play with words, unique spelling, and catchy icons.

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