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Providing remarkable scope, A spouse to Hellenistic Literature in 30 newly commissioned essays explores the social and highbrow contexts of literature construction within the Hellenistic interval, and examines the connection among Hellenistic and prior literature. offers a panoramic serious exam of Hellenistic literature, together with the works of well–respected poets along lesser–known old, philosophical, and clinical prose of the interval Explores how the indigenous literatures of Hellenized lands encouraged Greek literature and the way Greek literature motivated Jewish, close to jap, Egyptian, and Roman literary works.

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Asking why Menander’s comedy appealed to a nonAthenian audience is like asking why modern audiences across the world like westerns, police dramas, and martial arts flicks. What these genres have in common is that they offer audiences who are not Athenian citizens, cowboys, police officers, or kung fu masters a fictional world with clearly defined parameters and conventions as a counter-image of their own reality. In this respect, the worlds of Menander and bucolic have something in common. Hellenistic tragedy is almost entirely covered in darkness.

As an author of works on phenomenology, theology, ethics, rhetoric, music, poetry, and the history of philosophy, Philodemus also illustrates the breadth of the territory covered by philosophia after Aristotle and the interconnectedness of the fields within it (White). Of the three basic spheres of Hellenistic philosophy, physics dealt with the natural world as a whole, encompassing not only cosmology, theology, and metaphysics, but also, for example, biology, geology, and meteorology. Ethics covered all aspects of human conduct and therefore studied not only character and values but also the organization of cities and empires and the responsibilities of leaders and intellectuals.

This combination of violence and literary sensibility was to be a continuing feature of the Hellenistic world. Alexander was a man who slept, so it was said, with two objects under his pillow, a dagger and a copy of Homer’s Iliad, the latter considered by him to be a manual of the art of war. Indeed, when he had to choose his most precious possession to place in a valuable casket seized from Darius, it was the Iliad that he selected (Plu. Alex. 8, 26). By 334 Alexander had asserted his control over Macedon and the Greek mainland.

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