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By Donald B. DeYoung

Not anything captures the eye of kids (and adults) like an inventive item lesson. This hands-on ebook offers pastors, academics, audio system, and homeschoolers seventy seven fascinating technology actions that demonstrate the order and grandeur of construction and inspire an appreciation of all God has made. those effortless experiments illustrate the legislation of nature, educate Bible ideas, and verify God's strength as author. With catchy or unforeseen effects, the demonstrations make Bible fact unforgettable. The sincerely defined experiments use universal family gadgets, require little setup, and are illustrated with images and diagrams.

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A Bubble of Water 67. Piercing the Heart 68. Nothing Hidden 69. What Is Faith? 70. Losing Excess Weight 71. Silly Putty 72. Turning a Ship 73. Moving a Mountain 74. Cave Icicles 75. A Perfect Balance 76. The Wonder of Water 77. Water of Life About the Author Back Cover List of Lesson Activities and Themes 1. The actual size of the sun is measured with a ruler. Gen. 1:16—The sun displays God’s majesty. 2. The design of a feather is explored. Gen. 1:20—Feathers show God’s design. 3. Acids and bases are distinguished.

The exact number is not necessary and depends on the particle size. A magnifier may be helpful. My own 1-inch lineup totaled nearly 100 sand grains. Now we need to estimate the number of sand grains in a cubic inch, or handful of sand. Take the lineup number and multiply it times itself twice, cubing it. If the initial number was 100, then 1003 is 1,000,000 or 106. Going further, a fair estimate for the sand on all the seashores of the world is 1016 cubic inches, or 10 thousand trillion cubic inches.

It is important for birds to keep their feathers oiled and waterproof. As an additional activity, hold a feather horizontally and blow gently across the top surface. The feather should tend to pull upward. This lift is how birds and airplanes are able to fly. The air movement decreases the air pressure across the top of the feather or aircraft wing, causing the upward thrust. Magnified views of a feather and also Velcro. The enlarged feather detail shows the side barbs that connect together. The Velcro has loops that catch and hold nylon strands when the two surfaces are pressed together.

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